Re-mapping industrial wastelands

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For most of the twentieth century Birmingham was dominated by car production, centred at the Longbridge site to the South of the city. Originally Austin Motors, it went through many changes of name before settling on Rover. At its height … Continued

On the Buses

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Living in Coventry, it’s not often that I get to shout about some new mapping in my city. For most non-Coventrians, the simple fact is that Coventry is dwarfed by UK’s second city, Birmingham, situated just a stones throw away. … Continued

Exploring OpenStreetMap data

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In my December and January blog posts about Maperitive, I discussed how to download OpenStreetMap data. The first method used the “export” feature on the homepage to download all data within a geographic area, whilst in my second post … Continued

Rural Mapping

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In the West Midlands we’ve been busy with rural mapping. To those of you surprised that there’s any countryside in the sprawling industrial conurbation that spreads from Wolverhampton through Birmingham and Solihull into Coventry, we need only quote the motto … Continued

When is a boundary not a boundary?

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Boundaries, be they land ownership or administrative boundaries, form an essential part of geo-data. Was it therefore a success for the open data campaign when Ordnance Survey released the Boundary-Line product, containing all electoral and administrative boundaries, under the OS … Continued

Maperitive: Creating your own rendering rules

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In my previous post entitled “Maperitive: My first map render”, I introduced the concept of creating your own map style using the offline tool, “Maperitive”. At the time we looked at a very simple example of downloading a geographical region … Continued