Mappa Mercia is a project to grow OpenStreetMap in the West Midlands, UK. We run community events, provide training and support local organisations wishing to open up their data. There is no restriction as to what the Midlands includes so if you feel you fit here, pull up a chair and get comfortable.

  • About Mappa Mercia
    Mappa Mercia has grown since it was first established in 2006. Discover more about the group, our history, and where the name “Mappa Mercia” comes from.
  • Why OpenStreetMap?
    OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, but what makes it different from other maps? Find out why we think you should join the community, use its data and contribute back.
  • Edit the map
    It’s never been easier to contribute to OpenStreetMap! If you have noticed a problem with our map data, for example a road is missing or your address, the best way to proceed is to join the OpenStreetMap community and add or repair the data yourself.
  • Report errors!
    This is the easiest way to contribute to the map. Just browse the online map and use your local knowledge to find errors or things that are missing on the map. Other mappers can then add or correct the data.
  • Our projects
    Not sure how to get involved? We provide a list of current projects that we would like help with. If this inspires you to start your own mini project let us know so that we can add it to this list.
  • Contribute data
    Do you work for a local public or private sector organisation? Do you have data which may be beneficial to OpenStreetMap? If yes, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Help Needed?

No clue how to start mapping? – No worries, there are some mappers around in Birmingham who are happy to help you getting started! The contact page tells you how to find them.