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Living in Coventry, it’s not often that I get to shout about some new mapping in my city. For most non-Coventrians, the simple fact is that Coventry is dwarfed by UK’s second city, Birmingham, situated just a stones throw away. In OpenStreetMap the situation is the same. There is however one area in which we winning – namely buses!

Route 360 Coventry
Route 360 as shown on Overpass Turbo

Earlier this month a new bus service was announced for Coventry, route 360. At 31.5 miles long it is now the longest route of any city in Europe. Better still the city that has now lost this accolade is… you guessed it, Birmingham!

So how long did it take to add such a long route to OSM? Well, thanks to the great work of Curran1980 this new route was fully mapped within the same week that it was announced in the local media, and a full 2 days before the route actually went into service.

You can view the route relation here and export the data using Overpass Turbo. For more details on Overpass Turbo, see my earlier blog post: Exploring OpenStreetMap data.

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