It’s never been easier to contribute to OpenStreetMap! If you have noticed a problem with our map data, for example a road is missing or your address, the best way to proceed is to join the OpenStreetMap community and add or repair the data yourself.

Getting started

To start mapping on OpenStreetMap you first need to sign up for an account. Head over to and click Start Mapping to get going. If you are using a modern web browser you will be directed to a map editor called iD. This is a friendly but powerful tool for contributing to the world’s best free world map. Follow the online walkthrough to get yourself started with mapping in OpenStreetMap!

For older web browsers we recommend new users start with the Potlatch 2 map editor. See the built-in Help system of Potlatch 2 or read the primer document on this wiki page.

Report errors!

No Time To Edit? That’s fine. If you just want something small fixed and don’t have the time to sign up and learn how to edit, it’s easy to add a note. Head over to and click on the ‘Add a note to the map’ icon on the right side. Add your message, drag the pointer to the right location and then click save. Other mappers will investigate in due course.

Signed up but not sure what to map? Check out our projects page for inspiration.

Help Needed?

No clue how to start mapping? – No worries, there are some mappers around in Birmingham who are happy to help you getting started! The contact page tells you how to find them.