Mappa Mercia is not just another free map. The maps you see here are created by volunteers and are free for everyone to use and to edit. Mappa Mercia is part of OpenStreetMap, a project dedicated to allowing you to view, edit and use geographical data in whatever way you can imagine. Maps are just one thing you can create with free geo data!

This page shows a number of different maps for Birmingham which are available on Mappa Mercia. To find out about other ways to use the geo-data of Birmingham have a look at our tutorials page.

Standard Map
An all purpose map of the West Midlands. Apart from the streets it shows the canals and many points of interest.
Cycle Map
This map is made for cyclists. It has contour lines, shows the routes of the National Cycle Network and lots of other information which is important for cyclists!
Public Transport Map
A map for public transport users in the West Midlands. It displays public transport information like bus stops and bus routes which are stored in the OpenStreetMap database. This map is kindly provided by ö
West Midlands Heritage Map
The West Midlands has hundreds of listed buildings and many beautiful parks, gardens and ancient monuments. Start to explore them using this map.
Gritting Map
This map shows which roads in the West Mdilands are gritted when it is cold and frosty.