40 year old spaghetti

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Spaghetti Junction is 40 years old this month; having opened for traffic in May 1972. Its official name is  Gravelly Hill Interchange and forms J6 of the M6 where it meets the Aston Expressway. The name of Spaghetti Junction was … Continued

More canals than Venice?

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“More Canals than Venice” is something you’ll hear often in Birmingham or from Brummies anywhere, to describe the city. It’s mostly a defensive mechanism, I believe, because Birmingham does not enjoy the best of reputations in the nation’s affections and … Continued

Birmingham: the less glamorous side

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Regular readers of this blog might have the impression that Birmingham is filled with splendidly maintained examples of architectural heritage, as I try to liven up mapping on the ground by centering surveying trips around them. Nothing could be further … Continued

Surveillance gone mad?

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Can anyone beat this for density of surveillance cameras?  I know we live in a security-conscious world but I think this is a bit excessive. Spotted on Broad Street in Birmingham between the Hyatt Hotel and Symphony Hall. Or maybe … Continued

May 2012 meetup

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Thursday May 3 saw us on the first of our summer itinerant meetings where we strike out from our regular winter quarters of a regular pub in Birmingham, and go touring around the region. This has two benefits: it gets … Continued

February Mappa-Mercia meetup

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Our February meetup  took place in a new venue – the Crown Inn on Newton Street opposite the Crown Court. The beer and the food are cheaper (especially the BOGOF* on desserts) and no less good and there’s more room. … Continued