Heritage mapping

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Finally, after a couple of years surveying listed buildings, parks and gardens an public artworks, amassing along the way a vast collection of photos; we’ve managed to get a prototype map showing everything of “heritage”  or “cultural” status in the … Continued

Maperitive: My first map render

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When I introduce someone new to OpenStreetMap I often get asked how is it different from alternatives, such as Google Maps. One of the key differences is that our map data is supplied and incorporated by 1000s of volunteers, each … Continued

Mapping transverse steps

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How do you map steps that are transverse like these? This is a view towards Birmingham Central Library from Victoria Square and is a route traversed by thousands of people a day. Currently highway=steps is for a set of steps … Continued

Mysterious Objects: No 3 in an occasional series

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Who’s this little fella?  I see stickers of him pasted up in all kinds of urban locations around Birmingham. Is he local? I’m obviously too old to be aware of urban youth culture, whence I assume he originates.Can anyone help me?

November Pub Meeting

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We had a good turnout last night in the Spon Gate in Coventry – nine people, including  three new faces. A special welcome to Florian who’s just arrived from France for a long stay, working in Coventry. It was a good … Continued

Birmingham completely covered with buildings

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Today West Midlands mappers have  passed another major milestone: Birmingham has complete coverage for buildings! Complete coverage does not mean we have EVERY building mapped, just that we’ve covered every area of the city. There will be the inevitable errors from buildings having been built … Continued