Mysterious Objects: No 1 of an occasional series

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Can anyone help in identifying this object which has been lovingly placed on Aston University Campus. It’s not mapped yet: what do you tag this as?  Perhaps they just haven’t got round to placing a label or information board there. Any help gladly accepted

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  1. Unknown

    I’m reasonably sure it’s a boundary marker that formerly marked the boundary between the parishes of Aston and Birmingham.

  2. Chris Hill

    Maybe it’s like the paint-spill an RAF man had neatly painted into a square to hide his accident. Years later he returned for a reunion to find his square slightly larger and neatly repainted. It had been looked after even though no one knew what it was.

    • Bigfatfrog67

      That is brilliant, having worked with the RAF (and Navy and Army) for 5 years I can recognise the mentality of repainting a square even though no one knew why!

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