Change: How mature is OpenStreetMap?

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There have been a couple of threads on OpenStreetMap’s mailing list this month to do with change. The first, entitled “Request for feedback: new building colours in openstreetmap-carto”, is all to do with a change to the way the default … Continued

There’s only ONE Royal Oak

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I’ve meaning to visit Boscobel House and the Royal Oak for some time. Rationale: it’s relatively nearby and it’s an essential visit for anyone interested in in English History. Boscobel House sits on a 615 mile long distance path known … Continued

Creating an always up to date map

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In the previous post we showed that creating a map to show location data as a collection of pins (map markers) is easy using OpenStreetMap tools. But what if we wanted to keep that map up to date? In this … Continued