Hacking on Taginfo

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We recently blogged about the OpenStreetMap hack weekend in London. In that post we wrote about how Jochen Topf & Harry Wood worked on integrating TagInfo into the OpenStreetMap Wiki. They built a solution to auto-populate the wiki with data … Continued

Brutalist and Modernist Birmingham

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A new map based on OSM data has just hit the internet. Made by the Modernist Magazine with help from the Wisdom Factory it aims to display Birmingham’s modernist architectural heritage – mostly before much of it gets demolished!  You … Continued

OSM London Hack Weekend

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Last weekend I attended the OSM London hack weekend. The theme of the event was mobile, a key area where OpenStreetMap can grow it’s current offering. Timing couldn’t have been any better – just 2 days earlier the press was … Continued

Winter Preparedness

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It may seem crazy talking about winter in the middle of August (unless of course you live in the southern hemisphere), however this weekend we updated our winter gritting map. The map shows which roads in the West Midlands are … Continued

Going mobile with OpenMapKit

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Earlier this year at State of the Map US, Dale Kunce from the American Red Cross presented OpenMapKit. Traditional field data collection tools for OpenStreetMap have either relied on paper or are too complicated, or lack an understanding of traditional … Continued

The Current Situation

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The Current Situation is a collection of work by artist Yara el-Sherbini, whose centrepiece is an interactive sculpture of a map of the world. It is large, 7.8m wide and 3.5m high with steps leading up to the rear. I … Continued

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