Colonisation by street cabinet

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Man_made=street_cabinet is not the most popular tag or object to map: there are only 753 instances in the UK according to taginfo. However ……they are proliferating at what seems a high rate judging by my recent surveys. I started noticing … Continued

Summer Programme

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To take advantage of the good weather and light evenings during the summer months we tour around the region mapping areas which look either interesting or not well-mapped. So far this year we have visited Stratford-upon-Avon where we attempted to … Continued

End of our JOSM paint styles

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Several years ago we created JOSM paint styles to help with the task of mapping gritting routes. The styles made it easier to identify which roads had the gritting tag. The recent versions of JOSM have changed the requirements of … Continued

“Night School” status report

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Yesterday the mapping community in the UK held an online “Night School” mapathon to hep map schools. So how did we get on? We did it! Yesterday we set the record for the highest number of edits to amenity=school features … Continued