Hacking on Taginfo

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We recently blogged about the OpenStreetMap hack weekend in London. In that post we wrote about how Jochen Topf & Harry Wood worked on integrating TagInfo into the OpenStreetMap Wiki. They built a solution to auto-populate the wiki with data from TagInfo based on a Taglists template.

Over to Jochen to explain more:

The recent London OSM hack weekend gave me the incentive to work on taginfo once more and we got quite a few things done on the weekend and the days after. Taginfo now works better on mobile, is faster and we have a very cool tag list feature for the wiki. Lets look at these in turn…

You can continue to read this over on Jochen’s blog.

It was great chatting to Jochen and Harry about the potential of this to help keep our wiki up to date and accurate. If you have any comments or suggested improvements feel free to post them below and we will ensure they get passed on.

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