Highlights from Water Orton

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On Thursday 4th June the Mappa Mercia group met in Water Orton on the outskirts of Birmingham, UK, for our monthly mapping event. We had good weather but not everything else went to plan! Here’s a few highlights from our twitter account – you can follow us on @mappamercia.

Despite being briefly stopped by the police (a first for us) we had a great time mapping Water Orton. If you would like to join us next time we will be in Telford. Although details are yet to be 100% finalised it is looking like we will diverge from our normal ‘first Thursday of the month’ to make more of an event out of it. So join us on Saturday 4th July in Telford.

  1. Brian Prangle

    The bridge over the River Tame at Water Orton is not only listed by Historic England twice, each end is graded differently! The part that is in the City of Birmingham is Grade II* whilst the other end (the part that is in the Parish of Water Orton) only rates a lowly Grade II.

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