Mysterious objects: No 5 in an occasional series

I was out walking in the Warwickshire countryside last weekend and came across these unusual objects. Each one was numbered and no more than a couple of meters from the next numbered object. I saw two sets of at least 100 of these, and now release they are located in hedgerows or tree-lined field boundaries that HS2 will cut through (if built).

A small black box (2 by 2 inches and about a foot long). One end is closed and the other end has a small woodern lip.Any ideas?

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One comment on “Mysterious objects: No 5 in an occasional series
  1. RobJN says:

    (Comments copied over from legacy blog)

    Circéus – 21 April 2013 09:07
    Some sort of Insect/animal trap? Speed radar or other type of camera seems pretty damn unlikely…

    tom – 22 April 2013 01:10
    My guess would be something like a bat trap to help them survey protected species.

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