Mysterious Objects: No 2 of an occasional series

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This object has been a puzzle for a couple of years. It’s been constructed on land alongside an old railway siding adjacent to Small Heath Bridge Birmingham B11. This picture was taken from a train on the way into Birmingham Moor Street.

It’s pointing vaguely westwards, i.e which is the direction the camera is pointing in. The reverse side is a  highly polished surface (stainless steel?). It looks like it might be a solar collector of some kind but there are  no power cables or fluid/gas pipes that I can see so it remains a mystery.

Any offers of what it might be?

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  1. Really mysterious.

    Sometimes, constructions like this are erected to long-term-test building materials for even bigger structures (think: stadiums, opera houses).

    The structure is very complex in shape (very asymetrical). So I think it’s definitely more than an advertising board.

    • It’s definitely not an advertising hoarding as it’s not vertical. Thanks for the suggestion of a test rig

    • I’ve just had a brainwave based on your suggestion of a test rig. I think it might be a test rig for the cladding that is about to put all over Birminghan New Street Station as part of a multimillion pound refurb

  2. I think it’s a wheeze to test the imagination of OSM tag-creation enthusiasts.

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