Birmingham gets NaPTANed

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Import of the NaPTAN data for Birmingham has been completed as a trial and we can now start the job of bus stop verification and adding all the bus route information which is not available in the NaPTAN dataset.

Here’s an example of the NaPTAN data merged with our own surveyed data:

Node: #367691014

Edited at: Mon Mar 30 22:48:20 +0100 2009
Edited by: blackadder
naptan:NaptanCode = nwmdgpgm
route_ref = 104;104A;105;110;112;115;118;902;904;905;915
naptan:CommonName = The Yenton
naptan:AtcoCode = 43000503702
naptan:AdministrativeAreaRef = 105
created_by = naptan2osm
asset_ref = 504956
naptan:PlusbusZoneRef = BHAMNWS
towards = Sutton Coldfield
highway = bus_stop
naptan:Indicator = Stop YF
naptan:Street = SUTTON RD
source = naptan_import
shelter = yes
local_ref = YF

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