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We have many ways to follow the progress of the fifth quarterly project – schools. One such method is to look at the changesets that include the comment “‘#OSMSchools”. We can visualise these as a map, or in this case by a simple total of the changesets completed per user.

As the list has now grown to over 40 people, I am posting it here rather than on the wiki. There are of course other ways to see who is involved, including the school edit tracker provided by Harry. This counts edits to features tagged “amenity=school” therefore getting round the problem of needing to include #OSMSchools in the changeset comment. Where a changeset can include any number of school edits, Harry’s tool counts each on individually.

Please continue to use #OSMSchools in your changeset comments. I will update the wiki to link to this post and to retain user comments (e.g. where you are mapping, how you are helping).

Username Changesets
brianboru 277
ecatmur 276
EdLoach 191
lsces 165
Hobgoblin 164
southglos 159
RAC_UK 111
bogzab 110
Yorvik Prestigitator 84
sdoerr 81
Gregory Williams 77
Mark_S 57
LollyMay 53
SpillerC 50
Fledge 48
ACM 45
trigpoint 44
blackadder 40
Portree Kid 36
lakedistrict 30
DaveF 29
GinaroZ 29
sjreynolds143 29
robbieonsea 19
Jez Nicholson 13
RobJN 13
SK53 12
will_p 8
LivingWithDragons 6
The Maarssen Mapper 6
Tom Chance 6
RAytoun 4
seumas 4
BCNorwich 2
Chris Fleming 2
JonS 2
jpsa 2
mcld 2
fitzsimons 1
ndm 1
Richard 1
Total Result 2289

2 Responses

  1. Chris

    I find this somewhat demoralising. I added, over the past 9 years, almost every school in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire, including their outlines. Some I named the buildings not the outline (there were no guidelines then). There have been a few modifications in the past few weeks by other people, but none of the existing work get recognised in these lists. It’s as if all the work towards schools by the people before this project just gets brushed aside. Am I alone in feeling this armchair project is a triumph of hype over real progress?

    • RobJN

      Chris, this isn’t intended as demoralising – I’m sorry you feel that way. As we’ve said many times, the quarterly projects are supposed to be a bit of fun nothing else. This is the fifth and is by far our most popular. The emails, twitter and blog posts are just a way to celebrate this and try to keep momentum for those who want to get involved. The fact that Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire ranked so highly on day 1 (Robert W’s tool only shows the current status but you were right up there on Jan 1st), is something you should be proud of. If you want to put a few words together about your experience mapping schools prior to the project I will happily post it.

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