Mappa Mercia at State of the Map US 2015

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Last weekend saw hundreds of OpenStreetMappers descend on New York City for State of the Map US 2015. Our very own Andy Mabbett (he’s @pigsonthewing on twitter) was in attendance and gave two talks; the first on Wikidata and it’s inclusion in OpenStreetMap, whilst the second (a 5 minute ‘lightning talk’) was on us, the Mappa Mercia community. Here’s how it played out.

Wikidata for mappers

You can read more about Andy’s proposal to automate wikidata tagging in OpenStreetMap here. To see which map features already include a wikidata tag check out this map.

Mappa Mercia

Andy’s ‘lightning talk’ on day 2 showed off some of our work and discussed how to build a local community:

Voice of Megan Smith

On Saturday a surprise speaker was announced – Megan Smith, Chief Technology Officer of the United States. Andy used the opportunity to capture a sample of her voice for ‘voice intro project‘ he instigated on wikipedia. You can listen to the audio clip on her wikipedia page.

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