Mysterious Objects: no 7 in an occasional series

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It’s been a long time since I’ve found an object on my surveys that has left me perplexed. Neary two years actually. The cynical side of me thinks its probably I haven’t been curious enough or motivated enough to document it. And to my embarrassment, it’s on my daily walk to the shops.

Anyway, can anyone help with this one? It’s about 3 inches square and embedded in a pavement and doesn’t look like it’s  a lid that can be opened to something like a valve or switch. Also it looks like it’s brass which is unusual for street furniture of this kind.

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  1. Sorbus

    A Talbot ‘push fit surface box’ gas valve? – according to Google… It looks like it can be levered open with the notch at the base.

  2. Brian

    Thanks Sorbus for solving the mystery. I agree the notch at the base could be used to lever open a hinged lid, having re-examined the object. And the picture in the Talis (Talbot) online catalogue matches.

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