Warwickshire Aerial Imagery

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Warwickshire County Council have kindly provided access to aerial imagery captured during 2013. The imagery is available under the Open Government Licence and can therefore be used for mapping in OpenStreetMap. It comes at just the right time as many of you would have spotted a drop in the Bing aerial imagery (particularly when zoomed right in). It covers both Warwickshire and Coventry and can be used in JOSM, Potlatch 2 and iD using the following guides.


It can be added to JOSM using the following steps:

  1. Click on the “Imagery” menu, then on “Imagery Preferences”
  2. Click on +WMS
  3. Skip boxes 1-3. Instead jump straight to 4 and paste in the following:
  4. Add a suitable name in box 5 (e.g. Warwickshire aerial 2013).
  5. Click OK.

The new layer can then be added as a background from the Imagery menu (as usual).


To use this imagery in Potlatch 2 simply click on the “Background” drop down menu. Click “Edit” then “Add”. The the “Name” column enter something suitable (e.g. WarwickshireCC) and in the “URL” column, paste the following:

  • http://draco.openstreetmap.org/warwickshire-aerial-2013/$z/$x/$y.jpg

You can now click the “X” to close the background window. You should now be able to pick the new background layer from the drop down menu.


Click the “Background Setting” button (stack of sheets) on the right hand side. Next click “Custom” and paste the following URL in the text box:

  • http://draco.openstreetmap.org/warwickshire-aerial-2013/{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg

The new layer should appear automatically.


  1. Antje

    Awesome: I can even see the street lights that I needed to map since I’m running out of roads in London.

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