Aston Uni almost complete

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Had a series of meeting last week in Aston Science Park so I took the opportunity to walk around the campus improving the map. It was graduation ceremony time so there were lots of happy graduates and families around. I was still surprised not to be challenged by security given all the CCTV cameras there are. One of my hosts opined that I probably looked like a typical Aston Uni lecturer and the security bods thought they’d better not challenge me as they might be upsetting some research project!

The observant night notice that the Astroturf Pitch has disappeared to be replaced by a construction site. The Main Building is still providing some challenges! Students Guild and the City University Bdgs to the North of the campus are still to be surveyed and I might have missed some other bdgs back of Bishop Ryder House. Would you Edgbaston boys like some help with a micro-mapping party some time?

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