Birmingham Outer Circular Bus Route 11

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Well I’m well and truly hooked on entering bus routes as relations now I’ve discovered a cool German website that renders bus routes (and all other forms of surface public transport routes). Click here for a browse around.

Two minor problems so far – one, the site’s in German for the map legend but the rendering is great; and two, new edits only appear at zoom level 13 so you look at a bigger map and you only see older edits (don’t know yet what frequency these levels are rendered at, but at level 13 it’s done on a daily basis). The only bus stops that currently get rendered are those with a name tag.

So… I’ve entered lots in SE Birmingham, but avoided the City Centre terminations so far. I’d appreciate some help from the folks in Coventry to get route 900 completed. Anyway the big achievement is to get the whole of the route 11 completed. And no, I haven’t entered two relations one for the clockwise 11C and one for the anticlockwise 11A! It was enough work just doing it once.

  1. John Ross


    Looking for a map of the 11 bus route – do you know where I might find one?

    Regards, John.

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