Conflation & Validation: OSM Conflator

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When Ilya approached the UK OpenStreetMap community about incorporating third party data (Shell petrol stations) into OSM he had already ran the data through his “OSM Conflator” tool. As part of the project he also created a “Community Validation” tool. … Continued

Q1 2018 mapping project: Petrol stations

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Following a lengthy discussion on the talk-gb mailing list and several false starts, Ilya recently imported UK Shell petrol station data into OpenStreetMap.To confirm the quality of the third party data a brand new community validation tool was developed. Use … Continued

Mapping an Industrial Dispute

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Birmingham is in the grip of an industrial dispute by binmen which is causing rubbish to pile up on the streets due to missed refuse collections. Needless to say this is causing much consternation amongst the citizens and businesses of … Continued

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