Mappa Mercia is a project to grow OpenStreetMap in the West Midlands, UK. We run community events, provide training and support local organisations wishing to open up their data.

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Hacking on Taginfo

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We recently blogged about the OpenStreetMap hack weekend in London. In that post we wrote about how Jochen Topf & Harry Wood worked on integrating TagInfo into the OpenStreetMap Wiki. They built a... READ MORE

Brutalist and Modernist Birmingham

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A new map based on OSM data has just hit the internet. Made by the Modernist Magazine with help from the Wisdom Factory it aims to display Birmingham’s modernist architectural heritage – mostly... READ MORE

OSM London Hack Weekend

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Last weekend I attended the OSM London hack weekend. The theme of the event was mobile, a key area where OpenStreetMap can grow it’s current offering. Timing couldn’t have been any better –... READ MORE