Mappa Mercia is a project to grow OpenStreetMap in the West Midlands, UK. We run community events, provide training and support local organisations wishing to open up their data.

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Birmingham New Street Station

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Surveying and editing the new  mainline multilevel station in Birmingham proved to be a mapping challenge; involving as it did keeping a lot of the existing edits, modifying most of them and then... READ MORE

Mapping Hadrian’s Wall

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Our third quarterly project for UK OpenStreetMappers saw us focus on all things tourism. A walking holiday along Hadrian’s Wall gave me a great opportunity to map one of the UK’s oldest, and... READ MORE

Birmingham: A top 10 city by the number of POI

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Have you ever wondered which cities have the most points of interest (POI) mapped in OpenStreetMap? That’s exactly the question that one user, baditaflorin, pondered over. With 65,093 features on the map, we... READ MORE

Birmingham New Street Station re-opens

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20 September saw the re-opening of Birmingham’s New Street Station after 5 years of redevelopment costing £750m. The  project involved the demolition of Stephenson Tower, a residential tower block; and the removal of... READ MORE